I have absolutely no idea what to talk on this first post. If you are reading it, it’s either that my blog just started and there is not much to read or you’re really interested in my whole content and you’re read it all.

Well, the good news is that it’s going to be a super short post. Bad news is that (I hope) it’s going to be the worst post of this whole blog. I’m already bored editing it, to be honest.

Why is it called LIVEMO.RE?

First of all, I thought it was awesome that this domain name was not taken yet. It was complicated to register a .re domain (Reunion Island), but my contacts from France (Thanks Pierre!) helped me. I think it’s pretty a pretty cool domain to have, like youtu.be, it just makes sense!

I also strongly believe that our whole society is stuck with corporate values that just make you miss the best of your life (your “young & active” life). You will earn more money slowly, it’ll take a while and, if you’re lucky, at 65 you’ll be able to retire and have more free time, but health probably won’t be as good as 40 years before. The principle of “live more” means that being able to enjoy ultra-flexible work schedule, being able to discover new places all the time, be smart and efficient in work and just enjoy life. There’s a whole financial principle behind being able to succeed in life as a digital nomad, but we’ll talk about it later.

Short blog post?

I’m sorry, I thought it would be shorter. It’s Friday the 13th, I’m on a couch in the condo I live in Hallandale (Florida) and working on an ultra-uncomfortable couch. I wrote at least 3 other blog posts today at the beach (which will be pretty great, I think). I also prepared blog posts subjects for the next few months which is a good thing because it’ll force me to be creative and write often. I already like it a lot.

Well, I just want to say that if you are a digital nomad and you’re struggling to survive and earn a good living; I’ve been there. It’s been exactly 1 year, as of today, that I left my job at the government to do this whole adventure of working for the best CEO in the world : myself. It CAN work, if you have the determination (and some kind of plan).

Now, you must be like: “But, who the hell is this guy?”. It’s all in my bio.

So, that’s pretty much it for my first (boring & long) blog post. I’m sorry if I wasted your time on this one and hope you’ll forgive me as the other content will be much more interesting.

Peace out~

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