Time passes by. Working for a corporate job makes it pass even faster. Working for yourself does the same thing, but it’s much more rewarding and enjoyable (well, most of the time).

I wrote most of this post when I was enjoying bright sun, 30 degree weather, right on my portable chair at Hollywood Beach, FL, USA. I just realized that it’s only a matter of determination; you can achieve so much if you want to. It’s all in yourself, but you’ve got to unlock that feature to make it happen.

I could be on my beach towel, (trying to) tan, relaxing and drinking beer. Even better, I could just be snowboarding (as right now, when publishing this blog post, I’m back in Quebec, QC, Canada) and enjoying life. Instead, I’m having my mind working at 100 miles per hour to be creative and bring great content for this blog.

It’s pretty fun that one of the first posts I write talks about doing a reset. Usually, you do this after a while, but for me, it’s just that starting this blog helps me hit the reset button on other parts of my life.

My brain is an investment. The smarter I am, the quicker I’ll act and stop doing stupid stuff or wasting time.

It’s been exactly one year, as of today, that I left my corporate job at the government with plenty of social advantages, 4 weeks of vacation and 35 hours work week. Now, when thinking about it, I think I’m doing at least 50 hours work week, no real vacation and sayonara social advantages. The difference is that I’m happy doing it. I’m building an empire slowly, and the outcome will be amazing. Anyone who’s smart and educated would tell you that I traded a very valuable asset for a high risk power trip. I agree. However, as a (still) young person, I can do whatever I want and enjoy life when I actually can enjoy it (that means you won’t be able to do everything you want when you’re older, due to being old… pretty simple).

Well, here’s what this restart is all about:

Work Smarter

It’s so easy to go back and forth between many tasks, projects, emails and such. From now on, I’m working on one part of a project at a time. No distraction allowed, I can’t be disturbed. I tried this method for a few months and it works wonder. Thanks to The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, it showed me how to work faster and better. I’ve somehow stopped doing it and it’s now time to bring it back.

Eat Healthy

I’ve also had some good moments where I was being healthy. Eating smoothies, salads and good proteins from meat. Again, after a while, some parties, travelling a lot, I’ve ended up eating much more junk food than I should have. It’s time to stop doing so, one allowance per ~2-3 weeks (otherwise your mind might suffer) and plan meals ahead to stop wasting time thinking about it. Best way to do it is by having a limited choice for breakfast/lunch and many options for dinner. Eating more ramen will also help… Makes the whole planning much easier, too.

See Friends

It’s so awesome to finally reach the 800 friends barrier on Facebook. Wow, I thought I would get a congratulation from Facebook or something. I’m joking by the way. I know that my real friends are out there, somewhere, but even if you’re in “constant contact” with them, you see them even less than when Facebook didn’t exist. It’s time to meet them, share stories and hopefully be back in touch for good.

Write More

Starting this blog was a good reason for me to write more. I already have a blog for my other businesses, but let’s say it’s a bit neglected. If I can concentrate myself to write every day for X amount of minutes, I’m sure that it’ll just get easier. My writing skills will also probably improve as well. Please bear with me, English is not my native language, so I’m doing my best to have an easy to understand and “straight-to-the-point” writing style. I also love the fact that writing unique content will help me to become a better web marketer and help me test some publishing/search engine optimization theories in real life.

Read More

It’s another habit that I lost recently. Reading isn’t really the most exciting thing to do. However, it helps see how other people write, how they bring their subject to an end and it’s the best way to learn things in life. I’m not talking about reading Harry Potter or 50 shades of grey kind-of-books. I’m talking about reading entrepreneurship, motivation, business, analytics, statistics and other skill-shaping books that might help me become more valuable on the market. It’s pretty much like going back to school, but at a much lower price point. My latest read was on Kindle, it was called : Solving the Procrastination Puzzle: A Concise Guide to Strategies for Change  which actually helped me finish this very blog post.

Analyze Myself

There are so many unknowns in life, I can’t believe we all live with them and just don’t care about it. I have a few things that I believe would be useful for me to know to be even more optimal in life;

-Best time to go to sleep/wake up?

-Best duration for sleep?

-What is the best time to drink my coffees throughout the day?

-Best food to eat before jogging or doing cardio?

-Best food to eat before doing muscular exercices?

-Optimal days to make the biggest sales?

-What can I plan ahead and stop thinking about?

-Are there tasks I could automate to increase my free time?

There are so many questions that actually CAN be answered, if you log your data and analyze it thereafter. I think it’s worthwhile to analyze yourself and answer these questions to make your life simpler and easier. These will all be future blog post, by the way.

Well, take this blog post as my new year’s resolution. Next post will be added on Tuesday! Don’t forget to Subscribe! And don’t worry, I have super cool subjects coming in the next weeks!


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