This blog is 100% based on my life and experiences. Oh, by the way, I’m Max. I never had a real passion for writing, but it’s slowly growing on me and I think it’ll just get easier and easier to keep this blog up to date. The subject is my passion and, again, my life experiences.

I’m originally from a small town in Canada where everyone speak French (place called Quebec). The bilingual side of my life is great but also makes everything much more complicated. Every word I’m writing in this blog is translated in my head (or with Google Translate). If you think I did something grammatically wrong, don’t hesitate to contact me or just comment the post. I will not take it as a irreverent comment, but as a way to improve my writing skills. 

My main goal with this blog is to show other people how it is to have a digital nomad lifestyle and what to do & what not do to to succeed. I will also talk about business ideas and hopefully some of them will happen. I wish our community was bigger so that it would be easier to meet people living the same reality. Right now, I would say that we’re pretty much a bunch of loners.

Who I am

In chronological order, I am the owner of multiple ecommerce companies & a consulting (marketing) firm. I’m working on a new project at the moment that is in a totally different field, but still a bit related to my other businesses. I also manage LIVEMO.RE to my best.

I also created companies such as CAPOTES.CA & Broue-Tours which are now under new ownership.

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, I’ve managed to keep work to a reasonable level and I’m now able to enjoy snowboarding 5 times a week during winter and surfing/road tripping in the summer.

Snowboarding the power in Mont Sainte-Anne (Quebec, Canada)
Surfing pre-bail picture! (Cabarete, Dominican Republic)

My homebase is in Quebec City, QC, Canada, I go to Japan every year for at least a month and I try to visit new destinations when an opportunity makes it worthwhile.

(I gotta enjoy taking pictures with total strangers.)

My Story

I’m just a regular guy who discovered his passion for business at young age. I started selling and trading mountain bike parts online at age 14. I begun with a $500 bicycle and ended up with a $4000 bicycle without spending much money on it, just by buying stuff from one place and selling it at another place. It amazed my family and friends how I could make money so easily online.

I always had a passion for cars. At age 16, when I got my driver’s licenses, my bicycle passion suddenly disappeared. I started driving a lot, discovering new places and just enjoying being far from home, in places I never had heard of.


I’ll have to give a lot of credits to the movie “The Fast and the Furious”, it created a big buzz and made the tuning car scene HUGE. Long story short, I started looking at modifying my vehicle and wondered what kind of profit margin the vendors made. It was pretty good back then, and I noticed how complicated the whole process of ordering parts was, so I decided to jump in and start my own e-commerce business. My first year in business resulted in around $50 000 in sales. I was amazed how much money I had sold in my first year, that was crazy! Note that this is not profit, unfortunately.


In 2010, I started University. I did a degree in Administration and ended up with a CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) title. Combining both school and the e-commerce business was not easy. I had to choose between growing my project or getting good grades. I did the worst of both world : got bad grades and worked minimum time on the business. This resulted in very slow sales growth, not-the-best customer service and just-passing grades. I was able to have a good social life, but let’s say it was a lot to mamage. Good thing that the business was not selling much, so its reputation was not harmed.


2012 was a great year in sales for my company. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to do much more than the previous years and I realized that the company had a potential to be my only job. However, since my work life was just beginning (I had my first job as an accountant), I focused a lot on it because having a mortgage and a car needed a steady income (that was a mistake). I ended up quitting my job for something with a bigger pay check, because I love expensive stuff and I couldn’t refuse the big jump in salary.


That was my “burnout” year. My business was getting more and more popular, I had over 15 000 visitors per month and it was just growing all the time. I had an awesome reputation, online. In real life, it was just bad. I had a dream job, that made me travel (as a Canadian) to New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and many other big cities in America. I was living the dream, but working over 60 hours per week average for my boss, working on my company and “trying” to have a relationship (which ended badly because of my lack of commitment and being always tired). Out of luck, the exchange rate was against me and the product I was selling (for my boss) to U.S.A. were not competitively priced which resulted in me getting fired from this dream job. I ended up on Employment Insurance and discovered that I didn’t needed to spend so much money in life to be happy. I decided to “lower” my life level to its minimum and live on a much smaller pay check. That was the smartest thing I ever did. By the end of the year, I was opening my 3rd e-commerce company.


I was not yet ready, at the beginning of the year, to live 100% on my company’s earnings. Call me insecure, but I needed to have a bigger proof of steady income before committing. I just did not have it at all. I found a job at the government with a good pay check, only 35 hours of work per week and 4 weeks vacations plus tons of benefits. That was, to me, the optimal work life I could have. An “easy” job, guaranteed money and enough time to grow my other businesses. My business did grow well, I became unhappy at work because… well… Government workers are themselves and I’m like them. I decided to quit the job and do the big leap of faith (there will be a blog post about this). My double income became a single income. It was great at first, then bad, then great again, yada yada yada. At the same time, I went back to school to study Web Intelligence (a field that I love) and to apply what I learn on my businesses. It was the first time I actually enjoyed learning something at school.


I decided to start my consulting business to be able to earn extra money during the months that were not profitable enough. I ended up almost not working for the consulting business as the companies’ sales went to the roof. Now, I’m about to launch my next business in a totally different field and it’s super exciting. I’ve also decided to open this blog to make my contribution to society.


This was a hard year. Non-stop between my e-commerce businesses & consulting, angry and happy customers. Ended up being overworked, but at least I’ve proven that I can live somehow easily by myself and keep my lifestyle almost intact. To be continued…


Almost living the dream! Hard work paid off~

The Southernmost Point in Key West, USA

What’s next?

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