For some, buying a new laptop is like starting a new relationship. You have to learn how it works, practice on it to be more efficient and you have to love it if you want to be happy while working on it. However, a laptop should always be seen as a tool to make your life easier and you should aim for the best tool possible, all the time. I’m not saying you need to buy a $3000 laptop every year, but also, I’m not saying to buy the cheapest ones considering you change often. You just need to find one that’s within your budget and you should consider paying a bit more for a more powerful one. Here are the main reasons why you should change laptop often:

1. Peace of mind

Imagine you are travelling in a foreign country and your 3 years old laptop just dies out of no reason (hardware issue). You are now stuck in a place where it’s probably extremely difficult to find a new (quality) laptop at a good price. Even if it’s not that hard, the main problem is that you are going to pay a higher price than what you’d usually pay and your keyboard will be full of unknown characters (non-English laptops have signs from the local language usually).

2. Go faster

Always think of your laptop as your main revenue source. The more efficient it is, the more money you can make. If you always wait because programs are loading or freezing, you’re slowing down and wasting precious time. Only one variable in the world (and the most valuable) cannot be given back : time.

3. Everything’s in the cloud

Before cloud computing was mainstream, we would have to make backup of all data we installed from an old computer and then copy everything to the new computer and pray that there won’t be any compatibility issues. It would take MANY hours, and in some case, days, to transfer all data from the old computer to the new one. Today, most of the data is hosted on services such as (which I use all the time) or Licenses of softwares are easy to transfer from one computer to another, so it’s a matter of how fast your internet connection is to estimate the time to move all data from your old computer to the new one. It’s easier than ever.

4. Company expense

If you’re running a business and make profits, you’ll love this one. Buying a computer (every year) will pass (in most countries) as a 100% deductible company expense. That means that your new computer actually costs much less expensive as you’ll get an income tax refund from it.
For example : your business pays a 25% income tax, your laptop costs $1000, that’s $1000 less in profits in your business and you’ll get $250 back from the government. That $1000 laptop now costs only $750! Also, if you’re registered to your country taxes services, they’ll reimburse you 100% of the taxes.

5. Be longer on the go

It’s no rocket science, the longer you keep a laptop, the lesser time the battery will hold its charge due to the many charge cycles it’ll have during its life. We all know that older laptops have difficulty holding battery for longer than a few hours, so why not just get a new one and have a great laptop that you can use unplugged. It’ll save you the constant stress of finding a power outlet everywhere you want to work and it’ll make you less dependable to the power cable.

Bonus reason : resale value after 1 year is pretty good due to still being a recent model and not left in the dark yet. So if you change your laptop before the next year’s model is released, it’ll still have a pretty good value and if it’s a popular model, it should be relatively easy to sell.

One thing that I would suggest NOT spending money on : hard drive memory. Don’t buy the bigger hard disk to have more space, that’s really 2007. With today’s cloud options, you can get much more space than you’ll ever need, and it won’t even be on your computer. However, I strongly suggest to buy SSD (Solid State Drive) version of a hard drive as it’s MUCH faster and will startup the computer and proceed tasks much faster than regular SATA (Serial ATA) drives. Don’t go for the quantity, go for the quality.

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